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Bulk products available now

GPS vend des produits en vrac du Québec

GPS Constructions is proud to offer several quality Quebec products in bulk for all your landscaping and vegetable garden projects.

Contact us by phone at 1-866-477-6940 to place an order. All our products are delivered from our office in Brome Lake.

Feel free to use our quantity estimator to estimate the amount of material you need for your project.

Contact us for more information.

Quantity Estimator

The bulk estimator gives an approximate value of the quantities necessary for your project.

Note that our smallest unit of measurement is the half cubic yard.

GPS quality landscaping products

We also offer: Specialized tools/products for professionals

  • Specialized rakes, tongs, extractors, rulers, etc. for rock/pavers,
  • Sealants, cleaners, glue for stone/pavesr,
  • Polymer sands, landscape levels, hammers,
  • Paving stone/plastic strip/aluminium edging
  • and more...

Sowing calendar

We offer you a seeding calendar for various plants for your information so that you can plant and seed your plants in a timely manner in our region. Note that several hardiness zones are present in our region as well as certain microclimate zones. Adjust the calendar according to your reality. Happy gardening!

Plante Semis à l'intérieur Semis à l'extérieur Plantation à l'extérieur
GarlicOct. or early May
EggplantEnd of MarchEarly June
Swiss chardMid-AprilMid-MayMid-May
CeleryMid-MarchMid to end of May
CeleriacMid-MarchMid to end of May
Ground cherryEnd of MarchEarly June
ChicoryEarly July
Chinese cabbageEarly July
Brussels sproutMid-AprilMid to end of May
Siam CabbageMid-May
CauliflowerMid-AprilEnd of May
Soy cabbageMid-AprilMay
ChivesMarchMid-MayEarly June
PumpkinEarly MayMid-MayEarly June
CucumberEarly MayEnd of MayEarly June
Spring ShallotEarly May
Autumn shallotEnd of August
Beans (yellow or green)End of May to end of June
Curly lettuceMid-AprilEarly MayEnd of May
Head lettuceMid-AprilEnd of May
Netted melonMid to end of AprilEarly June
WatermelonMid to end of AprilEarly June
OnionEarly MarchMid-May (to be booted)
ParsleyEarly MarchEarly MayEarly May
Chilli (pepper)End of MarchEarly June
PoireauEarly MarchEarly May
PotatoEarly May
TomatoLate March to mid-AprilEarly June